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WALTER PIMIENTO noted on Google

(Translated by Google) Good restaurant, good service (Original) Buen restaurante, el servicio bueno

4 months ago
Tryxiyl (Tryxiyl) noted on Google

4 months ago
PING SHENG OOI noted on Google

Surprisingly good for the food I'm ordered.

4 months ago
Esperance Kanga noted on Google

(Translated by Google) Too beautiful thank you kung fu (Original) Trop beau merci kung fu

4 months ago
chouhrette Bunzl noted on Google

(Translated by Google) very good, very generous portions and the delivery was on time. Keep it up Kung Fu! Very good and generous as usual. (Original) very good, very generous portions and the delivery was on time. Keep it up Kung Fu! Très bon et généreux comme d'habitude.

4 months ago
Pierre Yougouda noted on Google

(Translated by Google) Very stylish (Original) Très chic

4 months ago
Luciana Iank noted on Google

(Translated by Google) I really wanted to eat at a truly Chinese restaurant and it didn't disappoint. Hearty and tasty dishes. The crowded restaurant and many orders for delivery already show that the food is a differentiator. I ordered the roast duck and it was sensational. (Original) Eu realmente queria comer em um restaurante verdadeiramente chinês e ele não nos decepcionou. Pratos fartos e saborosos. O restaurante lotado e com muitos pedidos para entrega, já evidenciam que a comida é um diferencial. Pedi o pato assado e estava sensacional.

4 months ago
Pierre YOUGOUDA noted on Google


4 months ago
Ibadurrahman noted on Google

Good restaurants, but the service is not as good as their food. Too crowded for dinner, i prefer to order for takeaway

4 months ago
김장수 noted on Google

(Translated by Google) Menu No. 50 Sweet and sour pork is delicious The quantity is quite small (a little more than Ottogi meatballs) Fried rice No. 8@ It's in the low 80's but it tastes so so so~~ However, the texture and taste of the shrimp served with fried rice are significant. If you like shrimp… I'm touched~~ Enjoy your meal~~^^ (Original) 메뉴판 No.50 탕수육 맛 있어요 양은 상당히 적습니다(오뚜기 미트볼 보다 좀 더 많음) 볶음밥 No.8@ 팔십번 초반인데 맛은 쏘쏘~~ 하지만 볶음밥에 곁들인 새우의 식감과 맛은 상당합니다 새우를 좋아한다면… 감동입니다~~ 맛있게 드세요~~^^

4 months ago

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